What our clients have to say...


"She is a rare and gifted talent. I've been in the industry long enough to know the difference."  

(Manufacturer/Designer, Central America)


"Sharon is genius! Truly the best! She has an incredible gift to envision her interiors and knows how to make it happen in a distinctive way while adhering to my own requirements. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities after she has completed each room of my home. Her recommendations and grasp of style are amazing."

(Dr. Vinh, Middleburg, Va.)


"Sharon worked on three of our homes and I really love her work. She is extremely talented and I can't wait until she photographs our current project."

(Client, Middleburg, Va.)


"I was initially skeptical with some of the colors she selected, but when it was done I became a firm believer that she knows exactly what she is doing. Her recommendations are always perfect."

(Washington, D.C.)


"We trust Sharon and we simply will not work with anyone else."

(World Bank client, Virginia)


"I thought it was impossible to update an old traditional design hag like myself and now I have a hip, new, updated contemporary home. I never realized how much the heavy colors and furniture truly affected my life until they were gone and replaced with serene, comfortable, earthy colors and textures. Sharon is incredibly good at her job and nice to deal with. She really worked with

me to do a slow transition that did not break the bank either." (Washington, DC)


"I really appreciate that Sharon's design service is providing so many furniture options not available in the retail world for the home." (modernfurniture.com)


"Sharon's service will make a big impact on the design industry. People won't have to go to just Pottery Barn anymore, plus they get a really talented Interior Designer picking the products upfront."

(J. Kinnamon)


"Everyone knows that if you want the coolest designs, go to Sharon."

(S. Graham, Washington, DC)