Six styles with staying power.




" These design warriors best reflect the strong currents in today's design. They demand clean lines and will not compromise for high style." - S. Hess



For the tried and true Urban Warrior, only the finest quality items will do. Cutting-edge and aesthetically smart pieces of the highest caliber are readily embraced, welcomed, and fully appreciated in the homes of these bionic urbanites. The two key factors distinguishing this modern, yet accessible, style are the intermixing of today's latest materials with clean lines to create the new urban aesthetic. Miraculously, amidst all of this sleek, stylish efficiency, the homes maintain a warmth only possible through the human touch. The effect is anything but paint-by-number, computer-generated solutions, or simply copied ideas and room settings from ever-popular decor magazines and catalogs. For this group, individuality rules the results.